Is The Need For Privacy Based On Concerns About The Opinions Of Others?

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We have reached yet another last Tuesday Newsday of the month, and the saga continues as the plot thickens.

I think different if you are not aware of it by now, so with the way my mind works, I believe that when shit appears to be beginning to hit the fan, the best course of action is to simply make like Costco and stock the shelves with plenty of toilet paper and Lysol at a reasonable price.

Getting right in to the meat of the matter, as we all know, with a household name print magazine like TIME placing the scenario of life and times on Facebook on the cover,the subject can be considered as relevant and something to look into on a deeper level, yet those who have been following along for the journey here at Internet Magazine can already consider it as yesterdays news.

Anyhow, my opinion if you care to know, is that when it comes to matters of personal finance and health, information should be kept confidential as any self respecting individual knows not to hang their dirty laundry on the line to be given the possibility of viewing in the first place.

Outside of those matters, it seems that the real concern about the need for privacy stems from matters of personal interactions and preferences, meaning individuals have interest in or communications with individuals and things that would cause a decline in their reputation should the public be made aware of the news.

Oh what a tangled web YOU weave, when first you practice to deceive.

I could get deep, yet for the sake of this discussion, lets just again bring the matter up for pondering and discussion, as in all actuality, it really is your own opinion that matters the most , and whether or not your opinion shapes the opinions of others or is shaped by others is how we separate the players from the squares.

Is The Need For Privacy Based On Concerns About The Opinions Of Others?

A different perspective to consider.