How To Make Facebook SERVE You & Not DESTROY You

(Editors Note – June 02, 2010)

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge
-Hosea 4:6

I posted this entry on my personal Facebook page, and decided to post it here on The Mothership for those who may not have been able to view it as it works on all of the online social networks and just about anywhere that there are people, places, and things to pay attention to.

It’s simply another way of adding value to this online publication in hopes that you find it as enjoyable and useful as I do.

To Good Health!

(End Note)

@Your Service

How To Make Facebook SERVE You & Not DESTROY You-

Step #1 – Enter the word (ME/MYSELF) or an Image or both in your status update.

Step #2- Proceed to click the LIKE button under YOUR OWN update. Add a written comment if you wish.

Step #3- Apply as many times as needed to FULLY AGREE with your own opinion, substantially decreasing
the need for outside input.

It can & will only HELP, & will solve many your privacy concerns so give it a shot & remember where you got THE NEWS from.

The Best Investment Is The Investment In SELF.

Rylan Branch – Internet Magazine

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