+++++Positive Energy+++++



1. explicitly stated, stipulated, or expressed: a positive acceptance of the agreement.

2. admitting of no question: positive proof.

3. stated; express; emphatic: a positive denial.

4. confident in opinion or assertion; fully assured: He is positive that he will win the contest.

5. overconfident or dogmatic: The less he knows, the more positive he gets.



–noun, plural -gies.
1. the capacity for vigorous activity; available power: I eat chocolate to get quick energy.

2. an adequate or abundant amount of such power: I seem to have no energy these days.

3. Often, energies. a feeling of tension caused or seeming to be caused by an excess of such power: to work off one’s energies at tennis.

4. an exertion of such power: She plays tennis with great energy.

5. the habit of vigorous activity; vigor as a characteristic: Foreigners both admire and laugh at American energy.


Welcome to the first Tuesday Newsday of October 2011.
At long last, a trendy saying that is actually helpful and therapeutic has arrived on the scene via social media, and today, it comes from the fingertips of an intelligent young bachelorette on Twitter who started my day with this statement as I saw it when I first laid eyes on the screen today.

The only thing to do now, is to make it the cool thing to say and cooler way to be, and we all know that by it being here on PimpHop.com, the statement and thought/feeling behind it classifies it as Official Pimpin Approved Status, yet between us as friends, what makes it pimpish is in the fact that it is oh so simple.


Keep it “P” as a different perspective to consider.