(Repost) Are You A Pleasure To Be Around ?

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“The answer to EVERYTHING is right in front of your face”
– John Wilson, My Grandfather

Welcome Home!
This entry is one that I am absolutely certain will be one to grow on for all that took the time to tune in.

Between us as friends, the above quote came about during a conversation that I had with my Grandfather in 1993, regarding some of the inner mysteries of life and how things really work in the world.

This simple response that I got has in fact turned out to be more effective and relevant than three full libraries worth of books and lectures on the subject of a good life, and I have always been fascinated about just how much wisdom could be fit into a simple statement, which requires a bit of growing up to be able to comprehend in greater detail.

Anyhow, one of my new decade resolutions is to continue to simplify things and break down problems and challenges into the lowest comment denominators and terms.

From what I have been viewing on the Internet, especially with the astronomical growth of social networking, has again shown itself to be a very simple yet complex scenario in human existence, and this scenario is simply the desire to be or feel liked.

At the end of the day, as well as the beginning, it appears that this very simple concept is the actual driving force for much of what we all think and do, whether in the world at large, or on the Internet, which for many of us, are becoming one and the same as time progresses.

Since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, lets add two thousand and see what we can figure out together.

The images above are provided by a popular dating site known as
douyoulike.us. It appears that someone was intelligent enough to figure out what the basic fundamentals of socializing ans social networking are comprised of, and created an application which allows individuals to insert of picture into one of the question boxes, and post the on their social networking profiles as well as market themselves on the profiles of others and have the question answered regarding who likes who.

To be, or not to be ?
That is the question, yet the status of being in the question is that word that means of so much in life, so say it with me…

like [lahyk]
1. of the same form, appearance, kind, character, amount, etc.: I cannot remember a like instance.
2. corresponding or agreeing in general or in some noticeable respect; similar; analogous: drawing, painting, and like arts.
3. bearing resemblance.

What I have always found fascinating about this English language term, is that it takes on many forms, verb, adjective, noun, etc, yet for some reason they still all correspond with the same meaning.

Put in a simple way, we say,

“you like who you like”,

meaning what and who you are like, tends to be who and what likes you and is like you, and shares things in common.

For my Facebook Folks, it can be explained as such,

If you have mad it this far , I appreciate your attention and will proceed to pose this question.

Are You A Pleasure To Be Around ?

Between us as friends again, this simple question is actually somewhat of a mission statement for Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com, as our prime directive is to provide you with the things necessary to receive a
yes answer in the appropriate check box for the majority of time the question is posed to others.

First and foremost, the necessary piece of pimpformation that is missing in most cases , is in regards to the first persons opinion of you, which is YOU.

Simply put, it is a most simple and most effective user app and statement known by many as

The Golden Rule.
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Perhaps an updated version is

to be as pleasant to be around, as you would have others be pleasant when around you.

My stance is that while it is not at all possible to please everybody, the focus should be on who you can and should please, which is yourself.

The core foundation of self esteem and self worth are in fact based on your own perception of yourself, so if you desire to know if you are a pleasure to be around and likable, you would simply look at yourself in the mirror, and ask if you are pleased with and liked by the person that you see, meaning are seeking to be your own best friend and company.

Once that is established, you concentrate on the individuals who are in agreement, as it will show that those individuals, like you, also tend to be as pleased with who and what they see in the mirror as they are with you or they desire to be.

We are here to work together with you, to  help you to form a
pleasurable opinion of yourself and match you with those who agree, or put in another way, compose a script that has you written in to win.

What could be better than that?

Stay Tuned.