Playboy Magazine True Blood 3D Edition

Well, what do we have here?
This is an interesting piece of news as it reflects the shift in dynamics regarding publications from the world of print to the the world of new media.

Playboy Magazine has partnered with HBO’s True Blood, to release its first official 3D edition which is currently on stands where the magazine is offered.

The magazine comes equipped with a pair of 3D glasses which allows viewers to experience the centerfold and cover model
Hope Dworaczyk in this fashion.

It actually signals a need for change as critics of the release are confirming that it is most likely due to the fact that the circulation of Playboy Magazine is dwindling due to the emergence on online publications, such as the one that you are currently viewing, and the abundant supply of  free adult content offered on the web.

There is a market for everything, and it appears that the True Blood collaboration is an attempt at capitalizing on the new and extremely interesting pop culture obsession with vampires, as seen by the Twilight saga.

Hefner knew the price would be expensive to include a pair of 3D glasses in every issue so he got a pretty popular sponsor- the HBO vampire show True Blood to sponsor each pair of glasses that will be toting their logo. This idea should definitely draw in all the vampire fans thus increasing sales.

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From my point of view, with the amount of women who are offering what are called racy images in their online social networking galleries, the demand for girly flix and value thereof has substantially dropped, not to include the fact that many of the women who pose in nude of semi nude fashion for the print publications actually release the images that they shot with the publication in their own online profile galleries which eliminates the need to go out and purchase the print magazine itself, unless of course the viewer prefers the hard copy print version. Then again, there are a wide range of companies that offer affordable color printers to achieve this goal.

Long story short, in regards to the business of lifestyle publications, something has got to give, so I look forwards to seeing if whether or not someone in the world is savvy enough to figure out a working formula for the demands of the viewers in this new media arena.

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