"Can I Own?" What Does That Mean?

This post is just a quick in and out.
I just read the issue of Rolling Stone with Jay Z on the cover, in which he broke down some truths about himself and the music industry, and I can relate to what he said when he stated that one of the challenges he faces is keeping up with the new slang, even though he in a sense originated much of it.

I will definitely need help from some of the younger ones with this new phrase that I am seeing over and over again on the Internet so my dumb question is as follows.

What does it mean when a person says they own, or that another person owns, or asking if they can own when in picture galleries on social networking sites?

Help an older cat out here as I am not up on things like I used to be, but I still and always will know how to ask the
right people.

A different perspective to consider.