Playboy Sues Drake for Copyright Infringement

It is always an interesting challenge for me as a writer to keep things within somewhat of a
familiar to earthlings context and simultaneously avoid the pop culture bandwagon machine mania effect, so this news story should do well to serve our purposes.

The new spotlight Cash Money/ Universal artist known as Drake has been sued by Playboy Enterprises for copyright infringement.

In the suit, which Playboy filed in a California federal court on June 25, the company says that Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, used material from the 1975 song “Fallin’ in Love,” by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. Playboy owns the rights to that song. Cash Money Records, Universal Music Group and Universal Music Group Distribution are also named as defendants in the suit. Representatives for Playboy Enterprises, Drake and Universal had no comment.

New York Times Article Link

From a Perspective, I actually endorse Drake as an artists and believe that he is good for the game as he represents a shift from the usual industry package rapper complete with tattoos, criminal history, and elementary school level vocabulary.

It is an interesting catch 22 as Playboy is in fact a magazine first and foremost, which is where the brand began, and with sales of and interest in their publication in sharp decline, I find it interesting that someone was listening close enough to the song by Drake to be able to draw a reference to a song which they as a non music related media company just so happen to own the rights to.

I agree with the popular adage that greed is good, and I believe as such because it is always a clear signal of lack and hunger on the part of the individual or group that embodies the emotion of greed.

And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.
Matthew 5:40

A different perspective to consider.