Self Absorbed? – Something Just Ain't Right

“Something, something, something, something just ain’t right
It just ain’t right”
– Keith Sweat,
Something Just Ain’t Right Song Lyrics

Content, content, we want content!
I have been away from pressing buttons on a consistent basis as a time for reflection based on what it is that I am witnessing, and have been witnessing as an emerging trend that has been gradually and now rapidly increasing since the beginning of my ventures into the online business arena in 2002.

I suppose I could read some books, study some blogs, and ask some experts about the bigger picture, yet with some things, they are enough to just accept as incorrect or just not for me through gut instict regardless of whether or not it is the popular and new normal way of thinking and doing.

I often ask myself if I am self absorbed as I know that the experts say that one needs to have a healthy degree of selfishness and narcissism to ensure survival,  yet I don’t have the slightest idea of where these so called borders that separate good and not so good selfishness lay out on the chart of life.

At the end of the day, I believe that as a  course of nature, all things balance out in which ever way that they need to in due time, which causes me to ponder on the exact reasons why individuals in such a massive percentage of the American and even global population seem to need continuous attention and notice regarding every minor detail of their daily and even hourly lives about matters that concern them and their own particular lives only which are becoming increasingly non productive, over consumptive, and dependent on outward sources of gratification.

If  I had to just be myself and come with some “Off The Wall Rylan Shit”,
I liken it to be like a baby inside of a crib (SmartPhone/Computer) that has become

dependent on a pacifier to fill some form of an inner emptiness, and interestingly enough, thinking back as far as the Tracy Ulman show in 1987 which is where the original cartoon skits known as The Simpsons originated,
Maggie Simpson would actually be of the current age of individuals who seem to be born with mobile devices which act as a pacifier attached to their physical persons, not to say that there are not older and younger participants in the new trend.

At this point, I just chalk it up as a result of growing older which perhaps makes me out of touch with some of the behaviors of those younger than myself, similar to Betty White who claimed on Saturday Night Live that she believed Facebook to be a waste of time when she was educated about it, yet there is still that part of me that agrees with Keith Sweat and the song which was on his debut album released interestingly enough in the late 80s’

“Something, something, something, something just ain’t right
It just ain’t right”
– Keith Sweat,
Something Just Ain’t Right

A different perspective to consider