Veruska Quinones – Bringing Balance To The Force

Veruska @ Work/Play

Never Put Off For Tomorrow, What You Can Complete Today

It’s one of my life rules and guiding principles that keep things in continuous motion. I will conserve keystrokes in regards to a long explanation in regards to the details regarding this young lady, as I am curious to see what manifests with her own story, written in the way that only she can deliver it.

What I will share is a history lesson, which explains how Veruska is a girl that I met at the age of fourteen, who may have very well been the starting point of my tendency and um.. career,  of writing notes to attractive females and delivering them to their lockers and awaiting a response to see what manifests, which is exactly what  a large part of my job description entails twenty two years later in the present moment.

Go figure, and stay tuned.