Fisker Karma Plug In

Our apologies for not updating the auto section as often as we used to, yet the same rules still apply which is that everything, including but not limited to automobiles, must meet Official PimpHop Approved Standards.

We introduced many individuals to the
Fisker Coachbuild brand back in 2007 and were amazed to find that most individuals were not familiar with the company and its products.

Sometimes, it is better this way, as I also added them to my personal list of brands that I like on Facebook, yet to my surprise again, I learned that out of the now one half billion active users on Facebook, only 203 users are currently listed on their page as enthusiasts.

You can do your own research on the vehicle and company by simply clicking the first hyperlink at the beginning of this entry, which  is the name of the organization highlighted in blue, and see what set them apart from the rest of the automotive industry, before they decided to upgrade their standards even further by adding a hybrid plug in model to their menu.

In the meantime, we will do the footwork to see if we can get additional insider news for your viewing pleasure as they are also a Southern California based company and we are an online publication that is positioned to offer
publicity solutions for quality products that may otherwise go unnoticed on the web and associated popular social media outlets.