What Recession? – Kim Kardashian Flossin' In Her New Ferrari

I got the “What Recession” quote from Sal Masekela on the E Channel when I was watching a segment on Britney Spears and her new $8 million dollar pad that she purchased a few years back.

Somehow I believe there is some kind of angle on what he said as if certain souls live in a parallel universe with an alternate reality from the rest of the world as Kim Kardashian is stirring up a buzz with images of her new recently kopped Ferrari 458 Italia in the midsts of global economic turmoil. Then again, it could just all be a result of those certain souls having a different perspective on matters.

Lets see here.

The plates on Kims Kar read Platinum Motorsport which is the place on Melrose Ave which reminds me of the time that I dropped of a business card and spoke with the staff about publicity oppurtunities a few years back.

The Sign Now Includes The Term “Lifestyle”.