(Repost) From Ali To Obama- How The West Was ONE

(Editors Note – July 25, 2010)

Originally Published on: Apr 8, 2009 @ 11:41

We respect our elders, learn from their examples, and act accordingly. Truth = What You See Is What You Get.


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vf5There has got to be something to these guys with funny sounding Middle Eastern names, with the gift of gab, that leads to the accomplishment of achievements, previously and popularly perceived as impossible  and unattainable.

Upon pondering in which direction to travel during the past few days, I recalled that this is an entry that I was saving for just the right time, and I believe that today, April 08, 2009 is a fitting time.

Although the hype has subsequently lessened after the historic inauguration proceedings of President Obama, after close to his first 100 days in office, I thought it would be a good idea to retrace some of the steps

which led to the arrival of Obama in the Oval Office.

Chalk it up as a coincidence, I recall the early morning hours of January 20, 2009 as I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up with the T.V. still on. It was between the hours of 2-4 a.m. and the movie I had awakened  to was ALI, starring Will Smith.

I decided to watch it all the way through, and then reflected back to the time in 2002 when Muhammad Ali received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

For those who have been following the proceedings here at this publication for long enough, you are aware of my tendencies to explore the reasons why, as I have always been a person who is fully aware that every effect is a result of a cause.

I can asses that President Obama saw fit to pay homage to his predecessors who paved the path of CHANGE before him, and in 2002
Muhammad Ali became the first individual to have his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame placed on the wall inside of the then, newly opened Hollywood Landmark, Kodak Theater located at the historic Hollywood and Highland location, which is now the current home to the Academy Awards festivities.

As a arm chair historian and a person raised with the insight of prominent figures such as Ali, I have actually conducted extensive research in regards to his official title as

As a fighter, many avid pugilism experts have stated that in regards to Ali’s physical capabilities, there are and have been many great boxing champions who’s athletic attributes far exceed the capabilities of Muhammad Ali, yet he still continues to hold the title of THE GREATEST, and is respected as such.

From what I can tell, it is actually Ali’s mental & spiritual  facilities that set him apart from all  fighters, as well as most  gifted and talented people in general.

If you were to study combat strategies, you will see that Ali’s wit and verbal abilities was where a majority of his actual fighting abilities were contained as he was able to talk a situation in and out of existence and realize a winning outcome time and time again.

Following this trail, I set out to explore the reasons as to why Muhammad
Ali is currently the only  public figure past or present, to have his star placed on a wall and not on the sidewalk as with the rest of the luminaries.

The simplicity of the answer for me has actually been life transforming, and I would venture to say it had a similar effect for our nations current President.

I will now share the following words of wisdom with you.
Ryder Cup Golf Ali

Muhammad Ali’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will never be walked on like the other 2,188 famous names.

The former boxer insisted his star be installed on the wall of the new Kodak Theater complex.

Ali said he didn’t want to be walked on by people who “disrespect him”.

“All my life, growing up as a little boy, I always said if I could get famous I would do things to help my people that other people won’t do,” Ali said.

“I don’t care about being famous. I care about getting the ear of people, because if people hear truth, some will accept it.”

He used the opportunity to say he thought black Americans should assert their identity by acquiring indigenous names – not the names of white Europeans.

That’s why he changed his name from Cassius Clay, the boxer said.
“I changed my name – that shook the world,” he said.

If the ends justify the means, I believe it to be in my best interest to always give credit where it is due, and continue to stay the course, and welcome any who believe themselves to be worthy enough to travel along on the journey with us.