(Repost) Should Prostitution Be Legalized Along With Same Sex Marriage?

(Editors Note – August 09, 2010)
Welcome to the second week of August 2010. In the past week, we have witness the overruling of California’s Proposition 8 initiative which outlaws the recognition of same sex marriages being of equal legal status with heterosexual unions.

I felt it was best to revisit this post from June 2010 to give a different spin to the debate and keep PimpHop.com inline with it’s reputation of thought and emotional provocation as opposed to the usual pro or anti heterosexual union rhetoric that varies in opinion from person to person whether voiced or concealed.

In closing, I am researching the actual clause in the U.S. Constitution and attached Amendments that prohibits the act of prostitution on legal grounds, so lets see where it leads.

(End Note)

While currently in a California State of mind while preparing for  Game 7 of the Lakers Celtics NBA championship match tonight, I decided to enter this post as food for thought.

The current hot debate in the state among other economic matters is in regards to a law suit filed by two couples against the legalities of Proposition 8 which outlaws marriages between same sex couples in California.

Do the subjects of prostitution and same sex marriage correlate?
If I had to put my two cents in, it would show up as stating the fact that the word sex is the emphasis, and with the potential for the legalization of same sex couple marriage most likely on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court to be litigated, it would be suffice to consider whether the legalities of different sex couple agreements and transactions should also be revisited as whether it is the marriage licensing fees, ceremony, and after affair services (honeymoon) being sold, or the time and services of the sex worker being sold, at the end of the day identical to at the beginning, sex is for sale, and the revenues are being tabulated on a regular basis everyday in America with individuals scrambling for their piece of the American Pie.

A different perspective to consider.