Vanna White Wheel Of Fortrune – Conversation For Sale

Back to childhood influences again we go. I have to give credit to Merv Griffin for the creation of this Wheel Of Fortune game show and its themes as a testimonial of exactly how deep the game gets with greater simplicity.

A working example of conversation (story) selling is in regards to
Vanna White
and her part to play in the employment solutions story as a letters broker. All consonant letters free of charge while the vowels come at a monetary credit cost and you can see just how far you can get by coming up with words that you can say or spell without vowel sounds or letters, with even sometimes y as a vowel. Try it and see.

A,E,I,O,U… and sometimes why ?

Making effective use of the technology, lets flash back to the very first appearance and major introduction to the letter lady known as Vanna White.

Like everything else, it begins with an idea and becomes reality with lights, cameras, and action!

A different perspective to consider.