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owen benjamin: when he was alive everyone attacked him, when he died everyone is mourning him. if the world was a person it would be manic depressive
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As expected , as I was making my web rounds, a good majority of todays focus seems to be on The King Of Pimp.. I mean Pop, Michael Jackson.

When I stopped by myspace, I caught a glimpse of a status indicator that was different from what I have been hearing from everyone else, which is something that I can identify with as a writer of unique content. I have heard the guys name yet I really am behind on the  celeb curcuit news , so I decided to do my own research. I found my way to his official website, and interestingly enough, he has some web features that are on the EXACT subject that I was pondering on as I started my day. It was in regards to what I have been seeing plenty of publicity about, which is
Sasha Cohen as Bruno, and I believe the only thing that may have been important enough to override the adgenda of the so called
powers that be in the media world was the Michael Jackson events with a little Farrah Fawcett news mixed in for seasoning..

With that said, I will let the man ( Owen Benjamin) speak for himself, as I seem to have come across exactly what needs my attention so that I may share it with you. Also, be sure to check out his official site and myspace location to stay in the know and grow.

By Owen Benjamin

SEASON FINALE: Owen can’t take anymore! He rallies all the secret heteros in Gaytown and leads a STRAIGHT PRIDE PARADE. Will he be accepted or another tragic funny foam victim?