Social Media Traffic Jam – Are You Getting Enough Attention/Feedback?

$100 Dollars Goes To Whoever Can Name This Location.

It appears that I am in thinking mode for the middle of the month, so between us as friends, lets see if we can use our brains to figure things out.

You have 1000+ friends on Facebook, and just as many followers on Twitter. On average, you receive response from about less than two percent of your friends list. You also notice that you have a 5000 friend limit on Facebook, and that is simply not enough, as when a thing is not working effectively, the solution is to try harder and do more as opposed to doing different, correct?

Lets do the math, shall we?

Word Problem.
If two thirsty individuals in need of water share their thirst with each other, would it result in
A. Quench of the thirst?
B. Increase of the thirst?

What You See Is What You Get -

They say that men and women lie but the numbers don’t.
I say that the greater number of men and women equals the closer it is to a lie. 500 Million Active Users = The “Anti-Social Network ” Theory
-Rylan Branch

A different perspective to consider.