Trojan Vibrating Touch – Is There A Demand?

Humpday it is, and a bit of a wet one as well, so set your phones to vibrate as we get into this discussion.

This entry comes as a result of two things. The first is an interesting response from an intelligent person on my personal Facebook profile to an earlier post with a different perspective than I was viewing the matter from, and the second coming as a result of accidentally neglecting to turn the television off on Sunday night, and waking up in the predawn hours to an interesting infomercial for this product.

Perhaps I am actually out of the loop in regards to certain matters of sexuality and social etiquette in pop culture regarding women, yet I can and will compensate with my area of emphasis and expertise, which is the business of pleasure and pleasure of business.

It stands to reason that contraceptives have been in demand for centuries, along with automated pleasure devices, yet I remember making a claim last year in regards to how the online social media explosion would lead to a side effect, which is a lack of kinetic contact ( touching), and that this type of online existence would lead to the Internet being used as a condom of sorts on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Long story short, I neither endorse or condone the products and associated behaviors, but simply leave it to question whether or not social networking websites and the current fear based climate in society which has resulted in an eye opening increase in popularity for a few of them could also mirror as an effective method of birth and population control?

I am off to the races and appreciative of my liberty to act accordingly.

A different perspective to consider.