Bristol Palin – Looking Like She Might Could "GET IT"!

Dont Trip.. It's Just Politics!

In all honestly, Dancing With The Stars is a show that I have yet to watch, yet while watching a news clip about the show recently, there may be a way to gain my attention and add me into the loop just yet.

Throwing interesting ideas into the wind, there is a Reality Series about to be aired on TLC about the life and times of Sarah Palin, and some of her non political activities on the home front, if such a thing really exists, and from my perspective, I see her daughter Bristol as a better candidate for both showbiz and politics, again if there really is a difference in the genres.

In regards to Bristol’s qualifications for “high office”, of course many would ask what in the world she knows about matters of civil service and leadership, especially on such a significant scale?

My response is that she knows exactly what is needed to make things work effectively,  which is

exactly how to go about negotiating and getting power brokers and decision makers from both sides of the political divide in America to comply with her wishes and gain that coveted response in politics, known as a YES answer.

Say it aint so….

A different perspective to consider.