Start The Day With A Brief Personal Video Message From R.B.

Real quick.
Judging by the growing interest in this show, I suppose that it is as good of a time as any to work out the kinks. The following video was actually made in December of 2006, and there are a series of longer videos from that period that need to be located.

I have been meaning to get around to filming videos again to save mileage on my fingers and with the explosion of Facebook and Twitter along with the mobile web , I believe that it is an ideal time as I am communicating with so many individuals who only get to read my words and not see/feel the source from which they proceed, so I will do my part to help bridge the gap in regards to effective communication in hopes that we can form better and more solid relationships for the future and make myself available to travel along with you on your journeys in life should you choose to invite me.

No, I am not a performer, so there is no performing (song & dance) on this end, as I believe that those who are likely to be watching tend to be better suited for that task and can simply use the features as words of inspiration and encouragement.

Stay Tuned!