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Greetings Earthlings.
With all of the drama/trauma that is manifesting over some words and pictures on a computer/phone screen, to the extent that The President of The U.S.A. felt it necessary to make an official statement regarding the alarming growth of violence and self destructive behaviors regarding Internet communication, it appears that the time has come for some form of regulation in regards to proper conduct.

With that said, keeping it brief, for those who care to listen, it appears to primarily boil down to the subject of the human desire to be or feel important, so to do our part in making things better, we can at least offer a dictionary definition of the word and its meaning so that individuals can go into the situation better informed about what the word means in the first place as a point of focus for the attainment of the status.



1.of much or great significance or consequence: an important event in world history.
2.mattering much (usually fol. by to ): details important to a fair decision.
3.entitled to more than ordinary consideration or notice: an important exception.
4.prominent or large: He played an important part in national politics.
5.of considerable influence or authority, as a person or position: an important scientist.
6.having social position or distinction, as a person or family: important guests.

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