The Halloween Scene – So What Do You Wanna Be?

Social Media – Style! Can You Picture It?

Going with the flow and getting a head start on the end of the month line up, this entry will be a quick in and out version.

For the last twenty five years, I have been at this exact point in October, a week before the day,  wondering what the truth is about the holiday known as Halloween. For the past ten or so years, I have moved passed all of the spooky stuff, and settled on something simple, which is that it is a convenient reason for individuals to relieve themselves of stress, have fun,wear costumes, and so on.

This Scene Looks All Too Familiar!

For the past five years, I have narrowed it down to the actual fact that it, like any other holiday, is in essence just an idea, and I just happen to have a few of my own, and now at the point just days before the mid term elections, the story was as it is told at this link a few days before the beginning of the term in 2008.

If I had my way, which according to the experts is what leads to the building of a household name brand, there would be more than one occasion per year, and perhaps  once every season,  in which individuals up for the task can express themselves as they see fit, and with the increase of social networking websites and the developing technology which aids in achieving this goal, and gaining feedback from others, we can now look at ways here at your
Friendly Neighborhood of developing a better trouse map.

Just Some Words And Pictures on A PC/Phone Screen!

Reinvent the wheel = NO
Place some twenty two inch chrome rims on the wheel = YES

Stay tuned.

A different perspective to consider.