Facebook Credits? The Game Is To Be SOLD Not TOLD

Tuesday Newsday it is! This is just a personal mental note for myself and those who may find it interesting. I just got word that both Walmart and Best Buy will be following suit with Target stores by offering Facebook Credit Gift Cards for the upcoming holiday season.

I actually spoke with my friends at
7 Eleven earlier in the year about their
Mafia Wars and Farmville promotions that offered credits and advancements for the games which were found attached to the containers of select 7 Eleven store brand items and they informed me that the promotion was highly effective.

What it entails as far is the big picture is concerned is the new emerging market of virtual goods and the continuing evolution of digital currency.

“The soon to be ubiquitous nature of Facebook Credits gift cards speaks to the momentum behind the rapidly growing social games and virtual goods business, which is expected to grow to $6 billion by 2013.”

For those interested in such matters, I highly recommend reading a book by Bill Gates known as

Business @ The Speed Of Thought which you can order in hard copy or digital format at Amazon.com by simply clicking the highlighted link. The book offers some enlightening insight into this current transformation and actually predicted many of the current trends that are appearing on the digital business landscape as the book was written in 1999.

As for us here @ Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com

let the record reflect that whether currency is comprised of paper, or in a digital format, each is directly dependent on the human concept of value, which indicates that we have work to do.

Stay Tuned.

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