Larry Page Outlines His Plan And Vision For Google

Larry Page & His Wife, Former Model and Stanford Bioinformatics Ph.D. Lucy Southworth-Page

Lets get the month of October 2011 off to a Pimp Status start by shifting the focus over to business and innovation,as it is feasible to consider that thinking and behaving in a way similar to winners leads to similar winning results which begins with listening to and focusing on the winners.

While researching the Business Insider website, I came across an interesting article about Larry Page, one of the original founders and current acting CEO of Google Inc, and there is a 45 minute interview from the recent Zeitgeist convention with a Q&A session between
Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, the former CEO and now Board Chairman of Google Inc.


Page starts by talking about a hero of his: Nikola Tesla. He says Tesla was  an amazing inventor, who eventually failed to build all the things he imagined because he didn’t find a way to fund his work through commerce. Page says we could have had wireless power across continents already if Tesla hadn’t failed.

Google, Page says, is a response to that failure. Its model is: invent wild things that will help humanity, get them adopted by users, profit, and then use the corporate structure to keep inventing new  things.
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Let There Be Light

In closing, on some next level type of ish’, the story about Nikola Tesla holds importance and cultural significance as well due to the fact that he held this what was once considered be a bizarre belief that the entire Giza Plateau in Egypt along with its monuments was an electromagnetic energy processing site that was able to offer free wireless energy (The Force) provided by the Earth and the Sun to all of the Earths inhabitants (users), commonly referred to as the Pyramid Code.



Peep game if you will, and stay tuned to your Friendly Neighborhood to see it in action as a different perspective to consider.