Viewer Appreciation Day – I Wish Men/Women Would Just (Fill In The Blank)

You Are Appreciated!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Freeday)

All is good in the hood and today is the day for viewer appreciation as ordered by The President in the current dialogue feature on the Obama Channel here at

It is one of those points that we cannot stress enough and will stay true to this point for however long it takes to be realized, and the point is that this is actually YOUR SHOW.

We have recently made some upgrades that allow for your comments on Facebook as well as Twitter to fall in alignment with each and every discussion topic which can be utilized at the bottom of each post and visible on each website simultaneously.

Your opinion does in fact matter as it is the common consensus that ultimately determines reality, yet without sounding too new age, the topics of discussion will be those which just about everyone can relate to and add their input, similar to #Trending Topics on Twitter, but with the allowance of as many characters as you see fit to drive your point across.

The decision was made today to start off the festivities with what seems to be the most popular topic of discussion and the root of many discussions on social media sites, and the world at large, which is the subject of male/female relationships.

It is my belief that the way to get to a working solution is for each to share their likes and dislikes about the opposite sex and their behaviors so that each can work towards being more likable, which appears to be the number one selling ticket across the globe, so lets have at it.

Fill In The Blank
I wish men would just (_______)
I wish women would just (______)

Get People Thinking—>Get People Talking—>Get People Moving—>Get People Living.

On With The Show!