The Kardashian Kard – There's Just Something About Women & Money

Humpday it is!

Let the record reflect that I may be the first person in line or one of the first to have a desire to see attractive women with their very own credit/debit cards, yet since I am a writer, things do have a habit of taking on a literal form.

Case in point

I just got of the Twitter line and noticed a feed from Khloe Kardashian announcing that today was the official launch day of their new signature brand pre paid Mastercard known as The Kardashian Kard, which can be purchased online at the specified web address below

Khloe Kardashian
KhloeKardashian Khloe Kardashian
Dolls today’s the first day our Kardashian Prepaid Kard is available! Get our kard online at Shopping time WOOHOOOO!

This is definitely a Approved item which deserves specialized publicity and demonstrates the outlandish claim that
Happy Women Equals Happy Village is a simple and effective solution for a deep recession.

The Kardashian Sisters = Working Girls By Definition

A different perspective to consider.