T Pain & Toshiba Laptops? Technology Plus HipHop Equals PimpHop!

And here we go again!
I just had the opportunity to view the new ad campaign for Toshiba laptops which enlists the assistance of T Pain, and it appears that he has gone from falling in love with a stripper, to buying you a drink, to numerous hit songs and cameos, to endorsing technology products.

While I am not the biggest T Pain fan out of the bunch, I can guarantee that this new trend of urban/technology collaboration opens up some lucrative avenues for growth and expansion in this arena with even more effective futuristic marketing campaigns as the commercial demonstrates that the concept of something as simple as a wipeable keyboard may have very well come from the mind and heart of a stripper that T Pain was or is in love with!

Technology Plus HipHop Equals PimpHop!

A different perspective to consider.