It's All About YOU – Tupac Shakur

(T.G.I.F.) Thank God It’s Freeday!

Today is what we will officially declare as Flashback Friday, with one of my all time favorite PimpHop singles. We could consider it as clowning or an actual reality, or both at the same time, yet if Tupac was able to predict what is the current norm on the world wide web and specifically on social media websites before the concept even existed, we can add even more value to the culture and consider him as a modern day prophet to the highest degree.

Tupac – All About You
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For a more down to earth description, lets just write it off as edutainment and useful pimpformation that the dot com and big business worlds may want to have a look at and listen to, as I know for certain the me and mine do, and besides, it’s just a song dedicated to the women of the digital age, which again confirms that the first line of communication is that between a man and a woman.


A different perspective to consider.