FALL BACK – Facebook Fasting – A PH Social Science Experiment (Part 2)

Facebook Fasting – A PH Social Science Experiment (Part 2)

Well, you see, what had happened was….
I was reflecting on my time in the corporate world, and a particular incident came to mind when I was on staff at a Marriot Hotels call center that booked appointments for the Marriot Vacation Club.

Long story made brief, the team manager who has been in corporate sales since the 70’s saw that I was not in my usual mood, and asked me what my problem was as I was headed outside for a break, and I told him that there was this nice lady that I had been calling for about 2 months, and she kept promising that she would sign up and that I needed to just call back the next week, and she was very authentic sounding and I believed her word to be honorable.

When I told him ( the manager) this, he had a large grin and chuckle before for he shook his head and followed up by stating the following piece of wisdom.

“Um.. NO! Rylan, never waste time on or pay attention to that which does not serve you.”
Mike Harpin, 1999 Sales Manager MVC.

After this many years, I have the exact fundamental data as to why this is an accurate assesment and how it relates to the new norms that come with social media, yet I only put it here for those who may find it to be useful by knowing that this type of insight is in effect in what you are viewing in this venture.

Anyhow, this Social Science experiement was conducted back in the beginning of March which began the Spring Season, which did lead to some great results, so now that we have eneterd into the Fall season, we can just re apply it as an upgrade and do what happens in this season, which is to FALL BACK.

On that note, I will be closing the Facebook Staff profile as well as my own personal page for the month just to test the results and will share them with you upon my return, and will keep the content updated on PimpHop.com as well as my own personal video series on my personal blog, and focus on the plus side of things by taking advantage of the Google+ services along with Twitter for short messages.

In closing, I actually applaud the changes to Facebook, and decided to simply match them with my own changes by giving the service a rest for one month to let things resolve as they need to, and I selected the day of Tuesday 9/27 to give things some form of a matehatical correlation as evendent by those two numbers (9,27) in the date and how they correlate, so if you will, as of tomorrow, please comfortably sit tight if you choose to do so, and watch this video and allow Wyclef to express the news as best as anyone could.


Facebook Fasting – A PH Social Science Experiment (Part 1)

Originally Published on Mar 8, 2011 @ 18:10

Greetings Earthlings!
It is Tuesday Newsday once again and a Fat One according to popular tradition, so in accordance with this idea, lets see what we have on the menu today.
As you may have already heard, Facebook has been rumored to be closing on March 15th, and although from the looks of things the news has not shown to be accurate due to the credibility of the sources and lack of response from the executives at the social networking website, a point of interest from my perspective is that not much thought has been given to what would actually transpire if the news was found to be true and accurate as if the fear of even a thing such as Facebook closure was so strong for some, that it leaves it’s most dependent users with the job of dispelling the rumors in an attempt to wish otherwise into existence.

From my point of view, as an individual working at this online publication which has existed before Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook, were developed and launched for its enthusiasts to do as they will, I believe it best to go ahead and distinguish this brand and maintain it’s integrity by conducting a social science experiment which will deactivate both my personal Facebook account and the PimpHop Staff accounts on Facebook beginning on March 09, 2011 (Ash Wednesday) to return at the tentatively scheduled date of April, 01, 2011 along with my findings.
I will keep the alternative social media lines open for the time being and state in closing that the actual reasons for this action is due to boredom and a tendency of thinking and acting differently and independently from the group, yet still respecting ancient yet ever practical customs and traditions, such as Lent, in which one gives up something for now in order to gain something greater later (Spring Forward), so let’s consider it as

A Test Of The Emergency Broadcast System

This is only a test, and as usual, a different perspective to consider.