So Why Do We Like To Have Our Pictures Looked At?

Moving right along and keeping with the tradition of providing extremely insightful content which keeps this online publication in its place as one of the crown jewels of the entire world wide web, today we are going to explore a subject matter that may be of interest to a few.

We can save all of the techno babble and corporate jargon for another time should it become necessary and now simply concentrate on
the facts
which show that it is actually people who use the technology, and we as a society have yet to reach a point where it is actually the technology that is using the people, and when it comes to people, especially most of the women who may be reading this post, decisions in regards to the reasons why tend to be based purely on emotions.

The image above is of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and his own profile on his website, which is in anticipation of a rare interview on the 60 Minutes news program on CBS tonight, and from what I know about the ways of the web, it really shows to be about time, which is perhaps why 60 Minutes and Zuckerberg are having a meeting of the minds..

As far as the actual factual reasons why we like to have our pictures looked at, I can honestly say that your guess is most likely better than mine as I myself tend to not have this desire, yet with the image above and what it reflects as perhaps the first or one of the first of a supposed half billion profiles and associated picture galleries on Facebook, if I was working at an Internet website in a position of prominence, I would most likely first focus on the tendency for the women that I know, following with the ones that I dont, to have some form of profile and associated picture and comment feature which seems to be of interest to oh so many, and then work towards getting down to the specifics in order to create something even more effective and satisfying without the subsequent side effects that have arisen through the current development model on the most popular social networking websites.

In closing of course the key word is if, and there are many
“Monday Morning Quarterback” types in the web with commentary to offer about how things should, would, and could be, yet as of current press time it is Sunday at 11am in the morning before the interview on Sunday evening, and perhaps it is an order of natural progression as this online publication has been live on the web before Facebook and Myspace with its very first profiles of each of its founders and subsequent end users were developed and launched.

A different perspective to consider.