Time Serving YOU vs. YOU Serving Time – Credit For Time Served

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[surv]verb (used with object)
12.to be in the service of; work for.

13.to be useful or of service to; help.

14.to go through (a term of service, imprisonment, etc.).

15.to render active service to (a sovereign, commander, etc.).

16.to render obedience or homage to (God, a sovereign, etc.).

Welcome Home and T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Freeday)
Speaking in my native language in hopes of setting myself and my art apart, I will keep it simple by saying that according to my experience,the evidence shows that when individuals send out diss notices to the world to or about a person, place, or thing, it tends to be an attempt to take the focus of how full of shit the sender is.

Likewise, when one sends out a bless (compliment) notice in the same fashion, it tends to be an attempt to take the focus of how full of bliss the sender is whether each knows it or not.

End the end, regardless of the intent of knowledge of, due to the fact that the planet was created in the form of a globe, the focus of each senders intent will return or recycle back to the original sending source. It’s all just a matter or time.

Moral Of The Story –

Of these two options, one can select their preferred credit to receive in exchange for time served.

Thanks for reading, now let’s move forward, shall we?

A different perspective to consider.