Jennifer Childers & The Contest – Cast Your Votes

(T.G.I.F.) Thank God It’s Freeday.
First lets begin with the motto, which is that helps you to connect and share with the people in your life, and helps you to live a better life.

With that said, we are proud to introduce Jenifer Childers, who refer to as J.C. a great supporter of the cause and whom we consider as one of our
secret weapons, and the reason for those curious souls interested in knowing is due to the fact that we can confirm that she actually knows more about Facebook and it’s effective uses more than it’s developers, so we often refer to her in regards to even greater ways to serve the needs of our viewers.

She has entered a contest with an innovative website known as which is a free online resource for models interested in exploring their possibilities within this arena.

With the amount of attractive women on this particular website and in this new emerging arena in general, it indicates that our work here at this Lifestyles magazine is never done keeping us on the opposite end of the American unemployment crisis, so what we have decided to do is initiate an “everybody wins” application by offering Jennifer the following in exchange for her continued support.

A. Her own mini gallery in this post.

B. A link to her Facebook profile which we highly advise you to use to make a new good friend.

C. The link to the actual website which is hosting the contest along with publicity for their company that she initiated.

D. Some publicity for each of her supportive friends who also deserve a piece of the limelight.

With all of this excitement, we may at long last be forced to get the cameras out and explore this arena on our own because truth be told, there are quite a few “stunners” in this one contest alone, and the way we think says that while every women will most likely not actually become famous, we can make it happen for no less than 85 percent of them!

Stay Tuned.

Jennifer is participating in the South Moon Under on and needs your support! offers honest and effective information and tools for models and is committed to providing a friendly, safe, and pleasant environment for its users.

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    • James Hinton Just voted! Good luck!

      Yesterday at 6:53am ·
    • Linda Stout done jen…

      Yesterday at 6:54am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Aww thank you James! i should have known i could count on you to be one of the first! :-) your bound and determined to help me with my dreams one way or another.. :-)

      Yesterday at 6:54am · · 1 personLoading…
    • Jennifer Childers Thank you Thank You Linda!! :-) love you!

      Yesterday at 6:54am · · 1 personLoading…
    • Linda Stout you too!! hugs

      Yesterday at 6:55am ·
    • Elizabeth Johnson Wheeler Done!

      Yesterday at 6:56am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Thank You Liz!!! :-) love you as well!!!

      Yesterday at 6:57am · · 1 personLoading…
    • Charles Searcy voted also. Hope you win =)

      Yesterday at 6:58am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Thank You very much Charles!!!!! :-) i hope so as well! doubtful.. but worth a shot right!?.. lol

      Yesterday at 6:59am ·
    • Amber Siddle-Bunnell I voted for ya girl!

      Yesterday at 7:01am ·
    • Mark Bozic Got it. Good luck

      Yesterday at 7:08am ·
    • Erica Drennen I voted for you chickadoodle!!! Best of luck!

      Yesterday at 7:18am ·
    • Jerry Tropp Done. Good luck!

      Yesterday at 7:20am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Thank You guys all very much!!! :-) :-) Thank You Amber, Erica and Jerry!… You guys are amazing friends thank you!

      Yesterday at 7:44am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Thank You Mark! so much love You and tell Renee i love her as well!!! i will let you know the results! :-)

      Yesterday at 7:45am ·
    • Cindyloo W voted, you look pretty

      Yesterday at 7:47am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Awww…Thank You Aunt Cindy! I love you!

      Yesterday at 7:49am ·
    • Cindyloo W i love you too jenny

      Yesterday at 7:52am ·
    • Brian Allen know i would

      Yesterday at 8:00am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Thank You Brian! :-) of course i knew you would.. :-)

      Yesterday at 8:01am ·
    • Brian Allen how did u know dat

      Yesterday at 8:09am ·
    • Jennifer Childers because you always say the stuff that you do and about my pictures and all that good stuff.. cause your nice to me.. :-) lol

      Yesterday at 8:10am ·
    • Hank Chavez SPAM LOL

      Yesterday at 8:38am ·
    • Sheilia Clevenger Voted

      Yesterday at 8:38am ·
    • Sheilia Clevenger oh and good luck

      Yesterday at 8:50am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Hank shut up!! Lol you better have voted Mr Chavez!! Lol

      Yesterday at 8:59am via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Hank Chavez I created multiple accounts just to vote for you, but when you win can you hook me up with someone on there LOL

      Yesterday at 9:03am ·
    • Shawn Davis wow 30 comments ur blowin up

      Yesterday at 9:33am ·
    • Jennifer Childers Haha! Yeah Hank i will hook you up.. did you find one in particular!?.. Lol :-) and that would be pretty awesome if you could create multiple accounts to do that!

      Yesterday at 9:45am via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Jennifer Childers and you are comment 31 Jr. (shawn) :-) did you vote!?.. Nvm that was a stupid question.. I know you voted.. Lol luv ya! :-) and thanks.

      Yesterday at 9:46am via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Jennifer Childers by the way guys.. You can vote once a day.. Well of course that is if you feel like it.. But i would definitely appreciate it if you did! Thank you so much to all of you! :-)

      Yesterday at 9:48am via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Alicia Lara Voted! :D Good luck!

      Yesterday at 10:57am ·
    • Jennifer Childers thank you very much Alicia! You should enter it yourself.. :-)

      Yesterday at 11:02am via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Alicia Lara I’m no model, lol! Just an actor ;)

      Yesterday at 11:03am ·
    • Jennifer Childers thank you Sheilia! :-)

      Yesterday at 11:04am via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Jennifer Childers Your a model as well, you just do not realize it! :-) i’m no model either!.. But trying different things never hurts! :-) i prefer acting.

      Yesterday at 11:06am via Facebook Mobile · · 1 personAlicia Lara likes this.
    • Jennifer Childers and thank you Tristan and Sachit!! :-)

      Yesterday at 11:07am via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Clarissa Childers good luck I hope you win!

      Yesterday at 12:04pm ·
    • Jennifer Childers THANK YO CLARISSA! I LOVE YOU! :-)

      Yesterday at 6:03pm via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Amber Siddle-Bunnell I voted for ya again today its cool you can vote everyday! When does the contest end?

      Yesterday at 7:00pm ·
    • Jennifer Childers Actually i think it is until feb. To be honest .. It says on that site.. And thank u Amber! I think ur probably the first oone to do it a second time so far… :-)

      Yesterday at 7:05pm via Facebook Mobile ·
    • Hank Chavez Wooohoooo my vote just put you at #38, and I will take you as my model. Thanks and please tell me what I win haha

      Yesterday at 7:41pm ·
    • Jennifer Childers Haha! Hank! You win my wonderful friendship! Is that now what you have always wanted!?.. :-) lol and thank you again! :-)

      Yesterday at 7:56pm via Facebook Mobile ·

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