Hefner Going The Wifey Route For 2011?

Now why is this new important in the first place and how is it relevant to the issues that society faces as a collective?

From this viewpoint, between us as friends, it has been a journey of exploration as to the exact factors which leads Hugh Hefner to the ability of making up his own rules for himself and those who agree simply through the creation of a publication and brand.

As far as the details and opinions of the lifestyles and relationship choices, it would show that by thing simply being different and unusual, people are going to tune in and form an opinion pro or contrary, yet since all press is considered good press by entertainment industry insiders, and since Playboy is first and foremost a publication that reports the news, it all could simply be an attempt at reinvigorating the magazines concept for Generation Y and beyond by going back to the basics of how it all got started which is through offering the viewers

a different perspective to consider.