Has Facebook Become A Rest Haven For Freeloaders?

Time Equals Money, Magazine, or Both?

Whats good in the hood for this first Tuesday Newsday of the year Twenty Won One (2011)?

Not that my own personal opinion matters much as we are all for the most part grown ups who make our own decisions and accept the consequences which result from them, but rather to keep this online publication in its position as one of the crown jewels of the Internet by offering thought provoking content from a different and unique perspective which offers viewers the opportunity of  having an expanded scope of reference to utilize in making better informed decisions, I believe that today is a great day to expand upon this subject of the cultural phenomenon known as Facebook to begin the year.

Cutting right to the chase in order to save time, while there are many websites that offer free resources to the general public including the one that you are currently viewing, Facebook is one of the only ones that places its claim of being free of charge for sign up and usage on the home page in first order, that users see upon logging in.

Sign Up
It’s free, and always will be.

While the offer of free may appear to be attractive to many especially in these trying economic times, I would also add that from my experience,things tend to have a balancing effect like a bank account for example, that shows an end result over time, and while something offered for free monetarily may be a lure, it may also show that there is an expectation for one to not have the funds to pay for that which they desire to receive and that expectation then result in what is known as a self fulfilling prophecy, keeping individuals at a “have not” status due to their very own expectation of not having following some form of a spiral pattern similar to the economic structure of capitalism which can and does spiral in the plus or minus direction adding to the possibility that abundant time spent on Facebook correlates to the global economy and American unemployment/underemployment crisis.

Now with the techno talk out of the way, we can keep it more down to Mars when I recall the female at the Jack In The Box drive thru window back in the high school days hipping me to what I already knew when ever I put in a request for some free side items, which is as follows.

Actually, aint NUTHIN for free!

Interestingly enough, some extra items did usually wind up in the bag, yet that is another story yet a similar story as it cost me some of my valuable time and conversation, so in closing, let us enter the new year with an eyes wide shut, eyes closed open approach and look more closely at what we are in fact asking for as with a half billion supposed active users and an Oscar buzzing theme story, there may be further details to be revealed at a later date.

As a bonus of generosity, we can also state that while one may be hip to the game of privacy preservation in regards to usage of a website like Facebook, let the record reflect that as an Internet Business Professional, if I was to be in the business of extracting user information, I would most likely go easy on myself by simply requiring that users offer their personal mobile phone number which would provide any with accurate personal data in exchange for vanity url’s (www.Facebook.com/BillieJeanIsNotMyLover)
and other perks which help individuals in their ultimate aim on social networking websites, which is to gain greater significance and validation in the eyes of their peers.