Is Disneyland A Recession Proof Business?

Lets see if we have the facts correct before we proceed.
Even for the most well to do individual, the admission price as well as most of the goods and services offered inside of the theme park are quite pricey as the expense level seems to rise to the occasion of exactly how much is necessary to make one feel the pinch, and at the same exact time as the greatest economic slump since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the word on the street says that Disneyland actually sold out of space, forcing the park to suspend ticket sales for two days straight?

Overcrowding Temporarily Halts Disneyland Ticket Sales

ANAHEIM, Calif. ( KTLA) — Holiday crowds swarmed Disneyland and California Adventure Tuesday forcing the Disneyland Resort to temporarily shut down access to both theme parks.

Officials stopped selling tickets at Disneyland around 10:00 a.m., according to a Disney spokesperson. Park goers were directed to go the California Adventure theme park. However, by 1:00 p.m. both parks were filled to capacity and Disneyland announced it would stop selling tickets.

Source : KTLA News

There has got to be a sound reason as to why both scenarios exist simultaneously, and since at the end of the day as well as at the beginning, the theme park was simply a result of an idea and vision that Walt Disney conjured up through the effective utilization of words and pictures, it again for whatever reason inspires me to explore what the full potential of pushing these keys on the keyboard on a continuous basis can result be, yet simply put, I believe that it is simply a result of my popular claim which indicates that Happy Women Equals Happy Village.

To be continued.