Piers Morgan & Oprah Winfrey "Chop It Up"

Yes, I did have the privilege to tune in to this discussion on CNN for the very first segment of the Piers Morgan Show which is the replacement to the long held Larry King Show time slot.

From what I know about media and the science of communication, this was actually one of the top 5 deepest and most insightful discussions that I have ever witnessed in the arena of mainstream media, so much so that I will need to watch again before I expand upon what was stated, yet for the sake of this post to begin week # 3 of 2011, the things said that jumps out in my mind is in regards to how Piers Morgan shared his views about the MLK legacy, and found it interesting as to how, in his opinion, the two most powerful people in America as of 2011, are a black man, and a black woman, to which Oprah’s response was to say of herself as “one” of the most powerful to which Piers clarified in his statement by saying ” no, THE most powerful“, a perspective of an a man who like the Founding Fathers of America, was in fact born and raised in England.


A different perspective to consider.