Polygamy (Part 2) – What Is YOUR Opinion?

Polygamy - Big Love HBO Series Cast

Well, you see, what had happened was, part 1 of this installment was actually one of the top 2 most viewed entries on PimpHop.com for the year 2010, and in all honesty, it was not expected, at least by me as the author, yet again, what is the Internet without the “OUT OF THE MATRIX “content discussion found around these parts?

Anyhow, the comments received are actually quite interesting and insightful and more is to be done in the area of creating an environment which is hospitable to open and honest discussions where everyone has their equal say regardless of where they may stand on any issue pro or anti.

Polygamy (Part 1) Comments-

Squeekie 2 months ago
No thanks! I feel it dosent preach equality between men and women and it belittles marriage in general. Also how could a woman be happy competing with other women for their husbands affection constantly, I can somewhat understand the man, his own personal harem… But come on.
prism2525 2 weeks ago

These things worked only because one sex was regarded superior to the other, in most cases being the male. Nowadays with the equalisation of the sexes this thing is fading quite fast as women want to be treated on par with men.

On a personal note though, I think that even one woman is more than I can handle, let alone two or more, so while I’m sure a harem would be a many men’s wet dream, I prefer treating them fairly and, if possible, at a safe distance.

To add my two cents and keep the discussion flowing, I would state that whether pro polygamy or anti polygamy, with the degree of relationship dysfunction and high divorce rate in America, I believe that this and a few other matters of culture need to be investigated more thoroughly so that we may consider if some rethinking may be in order, because regardless of our personal views and emotional stances, usually formed by what we’ve been conditioned to believe, it seems that more and more is revealing itself as a program for failure, and if one is in it to win it regarding the game of life, we should be mindful of past examples that may be outside of what is the current status quo, yet have worked in the past and continue to provide success for those in agreement in the present in regards to a sustainable and thriving civilization, or in the words of wise Jedi Master Obi Won Kenobi in regards to the learning of the ways of The Force,

“You must UNLEARN what you have learned”

A different perspective to consider.