Useful Information via – Behind The Scenes: Writing The 2012 State Of The Union Address

We’re just hours away from the time when President Obama will head to the Capitol to give this year’s State of the Union address, and the speech is close to done. If you want to know what goes into making the State of the Union, check out our new behind-the-scenes video.


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The key word in authority is author a term used to describe an individual or group that writes the script, and while even online it aint easy, writing is a job that somebody has to do as evident by this behind the scenes video showcasing the speech writing process for tonight’s State Of The Union Address, and for all intensive purposes, the words that go on this speech page, which lead to the words that come out of The President’s mouth, do directly impact the quality of life for all individuals in America as well as the rest of the planet including but not limited to the important people that we all like and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Please take note.