PH FAQ #1 – What Does The Word PIMP In Really Mean?

Greetings Earthlings and Happy Friday!
A decision was made this week to turn the floor over to The President in order to align with a cause that is bigger than just ourselves, and this entry is actually as a result of a conversation that was held with a business associate regarding the forward movement of the cause known as

While listening to the State Of The Union Address on Tuesday to lead into an extremely productive week # 4 of the year 2011, I reflected on the statement in regards to transparency in leadership which is provided through placing the useful information in an easy to find location for those who may be interested in such matters, which led back to one of the most frequently asked questions which is stated in the title of this post, and I was reminded by my associate that while we may know full well what is what, those who may not are left to fill in the blanks with the high possibility of filling them in with misinformation, so here is a simple demonstration from yours truly.

The Meaning Of The Word PIMP In

The word is a word like any other and like all words, is subject to interpretation, and in the 8 year history of the names existence, it has shown to be attractive to some and repulsive to others, usually in regards to members of the opposite sex.

History has shown, with reference upon request,that the ones who are attracted to the name and cause are themselves attracted by and attractive to good things in life such as good health and financial abundance, while those who are repelled by the name are attracted to and attracted by the exact opposite.

When conducted by the exact scientific reasons why this scenario occurs, it has be shown that those who have a solution with the word PIMP in have a list of things that they have a solution with, with this particular cause as another thing to add to their growing list of solutions, while those who have an issue with the word PIMP in have issues with many matters with the word PIMP as another thing to add to their growing list of issues.

Simply put, the word in PIMP in describes individuals with the ability to make excellent and profitable business and life decisions through the recognition for the facts which show that at the end of the day as it was in the beginning and at all points in between, what is actually in demand on Planet Earth and the entire Milky Way Galaxy are SOLUTIONS and SATISFACTION, which obviously can only be provided by those who have both available to offer, which again fit the exact description of the types attracted to and by the word PIMP in

In closing, even all that seems a bit technical, so if you have made it this far, your are in luck as we can consider it as a testimonial of the effectiveness of
Obamacare and Therapy Solutions as it can be seen as

a place and cause attractive to CAREGIVERS to make best use of their
God Given Talents to provide effective relief in society which grows continuously stressed and diseased over time and is in need of healing!

For those interested in a position, simply submit a request for consideration at the contact link in the task menu above.

On with the show!

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