Lindsay Lohan – The SEVIN NYNE Brand


Well, what I dont know much about is fashion and beauty accesories, yet what I do know a small bit about is business and technology, so, you see, what had happened was…..

A. I signed in to Twitter to post a link.
B. Lindsay Lohan’s Verified Account Twitter Notification showed up with an option to follow.
C. I did so, went to her page and saw the link to this Sevin Nyne webisite.

The moral of the story. At the end of the day, its a business called show and it appears that Lindsay is about hers, and with me being about mine, things just have an interesting way of falling in line.

Entrepreneur, actress, singer and style icon Lindsay Lohan always seems to have the perfect tan, but she knows better than to bake her sensitive skin in the sun. Over the years, Lindsay tried every sunless tanning product on the market, but she never found one she loved until she met celebrity airbrush tanner expert Lorit Simon.

Lorit loved the look of a deep suntan, but her pale skin kept her in the shade.  She began experimenting with tanning solutions when she was in her teens, and by the time she reached her 20s she had become a highly sought-after airbrush tanner to the stars.

Now, three years in the making, Sevin Nyne* Tanning Mist is Lindsay and Lorit’s way of bottling the magic of a perfect tan.

Stay Tanned & Stay Tuned!