Coming Soon – Classifieds

I’m at Starbucks on a Friday afternoon tossing some ideas around, talking to the female customers coming through, and listening to what the girls who work here are complaining about for today to get a better idea of what solutions to have and make available as well as ways to help others break free from The Matrix of Monotony.

An older guy saw me over here in the cut and struck up a conversation and just had to give my monitor a look to see what I was seeing which is this post as it is being constructed on the back end, and he gave me a link to some site called just a few minutes ago and when I looked, it appears to be a site for one to go bet on the horses, you know, Wise Guy Uncle Paulie shit!

Just a while earlier before he came in, I was on this website called, which is somewhat modeled after Cragslist and I went to review the Adult Classifieds section and saw the same type of thing that is common on these types of sites.

For some time the idea in regards to how to best implement these and other services into the service menu here @ and still keep the property value on par with Official Approved Standards, and expand it out of the scope of the whole “come read my blog because I’m important” scenario and better assist you in your goals to get yours, and I decided that it would be best to just draw it out and see what becomes of it.

  • Sample # 1

EROTIC T*A*N*T*R*A Model Sexy, Gorgeous Brunette *Hot BODY* Intensity TANTRIC *TILL 3 A.M. – 310

Hello Gentlemen. *Available 9:30 a.m Till 3 a.m.*

Wouldn’t you love to spend some time being sensually pampered with a 100% all natural, sexy, erotic, enlightened, and playfully fun, real goddess?

Well then, I invite you to let yourself go and enjoy an extremely sensual, relaxing, and pleasurable, full body rubdown in the presence of a 100% all natural, beautiful, real goddess with hypnotic brown eyes, silky long dark hair, soft luminous skin and a loving, nurturing, healing touch.

It’s sounds and looks simple enough to me, and entertainment is entertainment just as what you see is what you get, both of which is authentic communication, so stay tuned.