Black Body Radiation – The Science Of The Game Is DEEP

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This post is somewhat out of left field due to the fact that the current state of the weather in Southern California inspires this type of mood, yet there are those individuals who frequent these parts specifically for the “other shit” section content that cannot be found elsewhere and it is a commonly accepted truth that left field is manned with a player in the position on a baseball field where although the odds of a base hit in the area are lesser than all other places on the field, it still counts as a base hit so long as the ball remains within the bounds of the foul ball line.

Anyhow, the title of this entry “Black Body Radiation”, is in fact a scientific term which relates to quantum physics to help shed some additional light on the law of attraction concept that has been popularized by new age thinkers, and the post was inspired by the current radioactive energy dilemma that is currently being experienced in Japan as well as the western coast of the United States with sensors detecting an increase in radioactive energy levels.

Japan’s Radiation Leak Not as Dangerous as You Fear

By Dr. Marc Siegel

These radiation fears are irrational, and they are reminiscent of the nervous calls I received for Cipro during the anthrax scare of 2011 and for Tamiflu during the bird flu scare of 2005.

But I also understand where these worries come from; people are afraid of the unknown, afraid of death, and we all personalize the risk. Since the best antidote for fear is facts, I’ve decided to do my best to put these fears into perspective.

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The image in the header section of this post came about though a Google search of the term “black” in which I decided to add the word “guy” after it since I have been described as such in the past, and once again realized the value of this process through recognition of how it relates to common consensus of terms by the images in the search query gallery being reflective of the terms and how they connect to the mental images inside of the minds of individuals.

In closing, the point of this discussion is that there really is none other than the desire for you as the viewer to form your own and find exercising your own mental muscles an enjoyable and healthfully beneficial experience.

Black Body

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As the temperature decreases, the peak of the blackbody radiation curve moves to lower intensities and longer wavelengths. The blackbody radiation graph is also compared with the classical model of Rayleigh and Jeans.

The color (chromaticity) of blackbody radiation depends on the temperature of the black body; the locus of such colors, shown here in CIE 1931 x,y space, is known as the Planckian locus.

A black body is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation. Because of this perfect absorptivity at all wavelengths, a black body is also the best possible emitter of thermal radiation, which it radiates incandescently in a characteristic, continuous spectrum that depends on the body’s temperature. At Earth-ambient temperatures this emission is in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum and is not visible. The object appears black, since it does not reflect or emit any visible light.

The thermal radiation from a black body is energy converted electrodynamically from the body’s pool of internal thermal energy at any temperature greater than absolute zero. It is called blackbody radiation and has a frequency distribution with a characteristic frequency of maximum radiative power that shifts to higher frequencies with increasing temperature. As the temperature increases past a few hundred degrees Celsius, black bodies start to emit visible wavelengths, appearing red, orange, yellow, white, and blue with increasing temperature. When an object is visually white, it is emitting a substantial fraction as ultraviolet radiation.

Source: Wikipedia

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