The Wall Street Solution? – Send In The Working Girls

Image From Some Random Pimp & Ho Theme Party

Well, I can just do what the new age people advise, which is to just put the thought out into the universe, so, I mean, it just seems like the best and most simply effective strategy to consider, and no, the girls pictured above are most likely not bonafide pros, while the Wall Street set are known globally as bonafide cons, so we can weigh the pros and cons as this is the real world and they are pictured standing on a real street in real public in real time, so if we wanted to get an accurate fix and balanced global economics, we could swap the pictures and kill the noise that is coming from the protesters that in the end is just that and will remain as such……. noise.

Wrong Crowd For The Job

If we wanted to then test the genuine generosity of the Wall Street set, we could just send in a large crowd of the ones as pictured in the header image, along with collection baskets and containers stating that they are raising funds for such said good cause, and see what comes of it.

Again, just putting the thoughts out into the universe as a different perspective to consider.