You Have Much To Be Thankful For



feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.
Welcome Home!
We have reached yet another Tuesday Newsday as well as week #13 of the year 2011 Spring season, and with all of the world changing events that have transpired within this brief time frame, I decided to go ahead and drop some therapeutic news on you to help counteract the opposite news that we all may find ourselves being confronted with on a continuous basis.
Keeping it simple, I believe that when it is all said and done, the facts will show that the majority of human grief and misery will point to the simple cause of thoughts and emotions regarding what one does not have and is without or what one is not enough of.
A more descriptive example will come later in perhaps a book format of sorts, yet for those on the go looking for a takeout order, one can simply take a step back and look at what one is thinking and feeling, and should it be some form of stress or worry, find it to be regarding something that one is without.
The unfortunate reality as a tip from an insider, is that this feeling is actually what tends to drive consumer demand and spending which is why a majority of advertisements are reminding us all about what we are without and in need of in exchange for some dinero, yet although it may sound a bit philosophical, I believe the most important thing that one may be without yet not being made aware of, is gratitude, without which, people, places, and things decline in value beginning and ending with the most important factor which is your own self.
In economics you have what is known as appreciation and depreciation which are reflective of an increase and decrease in value, with something of major importance as a prime example, known as
It would not take a rocket scientist, but rather a pocket scientist to come to the conclusion that the value of all people, places, and things, including but not limited to the dollar are in fact only what individuals and groups agree upon and accept as valuable, which explains appreciation and depreciation in an accurate and clear way.
Before I go overboard with the words, let the record reflect that if one shifts their mental and emotional focus from what one is without and in want or need of, to what one is with and able to offer others along with the appreciation of it, ones own value and worth would increase automatically as well as all of that which belongs to them, so in closing without sounding Dali Lama’ish explaining the laws of karma, we can all simply conclude that it is best to say grace before we eat, and ensure that we fully appreciate and enjoy the food on our plate before we begin to think about and reach for second helpings, because as it is said by the wise……
The man was mad because he had no shoes, until he met the man that had no feet.

A different and therapeutic perspective to consider.