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"New Times Demand New Journalism" - The Daily

On with the show.
The good news flows continuously and in the direction of profitability from this perspective as we are witnessing the full transition from print to digital publication formats.

While watching a news program this morning, I was privileged to see the new commercial for The Daily, which has branded itself as the worlds first tablet newspaper.

There is still much to be done in regards to the concept of this tablet newspaper that it’s large advertising budget alone cannot accomplish, as I believe that they have gambled substantially on Apple Inc. and their continued success and growth as they have branded themselves to be a publication exclusively for the iPad and perhaps are excluding the individuals who choose to use other tablets, as well as traditional PC’s, laptops, smartphones,  gaming consoles, web TV, and other devices that connect individuals to the world wide web in search of their desired content.

I can also confirm through direct personal experience that selling the concept of an online publication stated as a magazine has been a tremendous task in and of itself as individuals now in lesser and lesser degrees, usually associate a magazine as a tangible paper and print item that one can touch and an Internet magazine as something of less value and credibility until as of recently that is, with the large scale manufacturing and distribution of
e Readers, digital reader apps for mobile phones, and now tablet touchscreen computers developed for this very purpose, yet and still, the term  Tablet Newspaper does contain the word paper, which in and of itself is contradictory to the concept of a paperless digital format.

They may also face a challenge in their competition with the popular online news publication/website known as The Daily Beast if any brand originality issues come into question, along with other well known print publications who have since already converted to standard online formats, with some moving into the area of pay per view such as The Wall Street Journal and New York Post, offered by none other than News Corp.

In closing, overall I support this new venture as it adds value to the online publication sector in general which of course leads to job creation, solid online business models and associated investment opportunities, and overall global economic growth and prosperity, and as with both electronic mail and social media which offer new and improved ways to function that prior mail and media formats could not, the focus on this end still remains on how a Lifestyle Magazine can offer the same within it’s own context
(think Playboy Magazine with a new millineum pimpsish effect)

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