Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello Pimphop readers. I am the newest contributor to this site and wanted to make a formal introduction before I get started on bombarding you all with my posts of Sneakers, Fashion, Hip Hop, and of course Honey’s. I am 50Yen (clever I know) and I reside in sunny Ca. I’ve been blogging on my personal blog for about 3 years now and I’m ready to branch off and dabble in other things like this nifty lil blog you are reading now. I am a sneaker junkie and self proclaimed aficionado. Im a lover of all things creative and new, so me joining up with Pimphop was a no brainer. A small fact that you should know is Wiz Khalifa’s song Black And Yellow is about me.  I would love to indulge you more with my words of wisdom, but I think I’ve said enough. I hope you all get a glimpse inside my head through my posts. With that being said…Let the show begin!