The Psychology Of Debt – By Rylan Branch


noun \ˈdet\
1: sin, trespass
2: something owed : obligation
3: a state of owing
4: the common-law action for the recovery of money held to be due


Tuesday Newsday it is, and just as I was about to get deep and philosophical, the definition of debt as defined by the dictionary shows something of a spiritual or religious connotation which requires that I back up some and look at the current national and global debt crisis from a different perspective.

For now, as a benefit for those who decided to tune in and humor themselves with this post, I will leave you with what I will classify as one of the top five most useful and relevant websites in America regarding this matter of economics.
Know Before You Owe Form Link @



and leave you with a cartoon clip that the wizzards of Wall Street can gain some insight from by watching.