Can A Drummer Get Some? – Travis Barker ft. Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Game & Rick Ross

As it happens sometimes, I just happened to be flipping through the channels at the right time as I happened to stop at BET for the 106 & Park show to see a new Joint Of The Day video.

It was a good look and sound investment of time as there is much going on in this video and the concept behind it.

The video and song is a cross brand of genres that although attempted by Hip Hop and Rock notables in the past, actually gave some insight into what the future may hold by offering elements of game changing innovation and staying power potential.

First and foremost, each of these artists in their own right are entrepreneurs, and their particular crafts all blend together in what seems to be an artistic and entrepreneurial cross promotion simultaneously as you see promotion for different brands all together in one audio visual package.

The video was of interest to me personally as it has done something that many video writers and directors fail to deliver on, which is to offer an actual factual insight look into the life and times of Los Angeles and Hollywood while moving at a pace of a mile per second, where the business of show was actually captured and recorded as a showing of the business, with the same grainy element that individuals in the industry and local residents in general see and absorb on a daily basis, to the extent that the only thing left to be done now is to add the video vixens into this same element and show how it looks and feels to be in the City Of Angels while grinding on the production set.

On with the show!