Gold Plated iPhones & iPads – Space Age Pimpin Status

Well, us insiders always believe it best to let the game settle into a slump before coming forward with the pimpish upgrades in like fashion.

Pictured in the header image is Pharrell Williams clutching the gold plated iPhone from the Billionaires Boys Club post last year, yet with the new iPad 2 release and recent iPhone 4 release, we can let you in on the necessary pimpformation and say that the recommended source for mobile and laptop plate and jewel crafting is at where they take pride in their hard earned reputation for quality assurance.

APRIL 18, 2011

iPad2 Available

Everyone requesting the new iPad2, we now have it available in all of our standard plating choices: triple chrome, copper, black chrome, 24kt Gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. Graphic plating is available and custom engraving is free with all purchases. Color anodizing (any color) is also available. Build time varies from 1-3 weeks depending on the details of your request.

A pimpish perspective to consider.