Common At The White House? Now We're Talkin'

Since this is an event that speaks to me, I beilieve it to be in the best interest of the greater good to speak back.

From the looks of this image and video, it would seem that someone over at agrees with the overall vision of what is featured here on this online publication and decided to follow suit by making it an actual reality by having Common appear on stage for a special speaking engagement which was put together by Michelle Obama in oder to bring greater awareness to the importance of written and spoken word from an urban perspective in the information age.

Along with this event, we also have the challenges of such a vision brought to center stage at the White House with the continuing shift in ideals regarding the differences between the officially white and wrong things to say as the White House in past times was considered as a standard bearer for the nation and planet and it’s vision of appropriate expression.

In the end, I believe that Michelle Obama deserves the most credit through the recognition of the vast demand for intelligent, thought provoking, socially conscious conversation as it is commonly known that those fit for leadership of any group are usually recognized by the ability to think and act independently of the group and it’s preset rules which may require upgrades when the prior rules become invalid and obsolete, known in another way as being revolutionary.