One Dogg Looking @ Me Strange – The Life And Times Of Rylan Branch

C. Thomas A.K.A. ONE DOGG

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Freeday)
In the interst of further expanding my horizons and doing things differently today in exchange for some different result tomorrow, I decided to try this Reality Show application on for size, as individuals have been known to seek to live vicariously through others while watching their favorite programs.

My own personal story is my own, and as such, I often forget that others may find an interest in it and its uniqueness which I often loose sight of due to the fact that the story is again, my own and others are not as aware of the intricate details as I may believe them to be.

Lets make it a situation ethics scenario and provide you as the viewer with the choice of action to take if you were in my shoes.

Situation Ethics Synopsis

A. When you leave the house and head out into the brave new world, you find that individuals may often look at you strange at which point you decide to allow your natural tendency to approach an attractive member of the opposite sex that you do not know from Eve in an attempt to make a connection and score a touchdown along with the two point conversion while you are alive, willing, and able.

B.You learn that your brother from another mother, cut from the same cloth as you who has been residing in undisclosed correctional facilities around the state since the year 2000 mysteriously finds a way to take advantage of the ease in which you and most everyone else can be found in this information age, and lets you in on the details that he and others have found a way to follow the proceedings, individuals who know you like they know themselves who most assuredly would be looking at you strange if your life stance and behavior was any way otherwise than described above  in scenario A. in which individuals on this side of the wall can be seen, heard, and felt looking at you strange for the same stance and behavior which is likewise described.

Decisions Decisions - What It All Boils Down To

Now that the game console controller has found itself in the clutches of your hands, how do you choose to move your man?

A reality show perspective to consider.